Our Story

In 2008, Zee dreamed of making French crepes with fresh & local ingredients.  So she converted an old horse trailer into her first food cart, delighting San Francisco with her delectable savory & sweet crepes.  Locals loved the crepes so much that Zee opened a second location and catering services so her fans could enjoy her creations at work or parties.

While catering, she developed a bond with many customers who later asked if she could cook other meals as well.  This gave birth to Zee Cooks (catering), which offers 4 more fresh brands: Pastanza (pasta), Eggurrito (breakfast burritos), Zomelette (omelettes & other breakfast items), and ZJ (fresh pressed juices).

Today, Zee continues to play with new & interesting ingredients.  Her goal is to keep things fresh so everyone can #haveacrepeday!